Stranger Magics

Cover, Stranger Magics

No one holds a grudge quite like a faerie...

All Colin Leffee wants is to be left alone: to run his used bookstore in peace, and to quietly drink himself to sleep every night in an attempt to drown out the memories of eight-hundred-plus years of existence.

Unfortunately, when a sullen teenage changeling is flung out of Faerie and onto his doorstep, the long-suffering, wayward son of Titania knows his dreams of solitude are dust. Colin—or Lord Coileán, as he is known to his family and the rest of the court—must track down Meggy, the love of his life, and figure out how her child ended up in Titania's clutches to begin with.

But with family, it’s never simple. He finds Meggy, only to have her and their daughter yanked into Faerie—and the doors between the realms slammed and locked behind them. Now, it’s not just their lives at stake...but the fate of magic itself. 

Always the loner, Colin reluctantly joins forces with an intensely stubborn wizard, a young priest-in-training who fancies himself a knight, and his half-brother Robin (the last most definitely not by choice) on a quest to reopen the doors and restore the balance between the realms. And with exiled queen Mab plotting in the shadows to take Titania’s throne, and the wizards of the governing Arcanum hiding their own agenda, Colin can’t be sure whom to trust—or whether he’ll live long enough to see the mission through.

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The Faerie King

Cover, The Faerie King

Ruling Faerie isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Colin Leffee—Lord Coileán these days—has it all. His once-lost love is back in his life and willing to give him another chance, their daughter’s magical bind and fake memories seem secure, and his hold on his mother’s vacated throne hasn’t wavered during his six-month reign. True, ruling a faerie court comes with the headache of superintending his quarrelsome people and placating his hostile siblings, but Coileán envisions smooth sailing ahead.

But then his resident would-be knight stumbles onto a baby dragon. A sea monster in south Florida sends the merrow into a panic. The captain of his guard learns a secret with consequences for the future of the courts. Meanwhile, the Arcanum has its own nasty surprise in store for the novice king.

And with Mab’s demise, a new power is rising in the Gray Lands—one willing to do whatever it takes to seize his birthright.

For Coileán, the cost of his throne may be everything—and everyone—he holds dear.

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Cover, Witch-Blood


Nothing’s ever simple for a witch-blood…

Unwanted, neglected, and with only the faintest glimmer of magical talent, Aiden Carver spent a miserable childhood in the heart of the Arcanum, convinced that he was nothing more than a dud among wizards. At fifteen, he learned the truth, which was no better. He was witch-blooded, the child of a wizard and a faerie—and not just any faerie, but Titania, late queen of one of the courts. With no future in the Arcanum, Aiden took a chance and moved in with his newfound half brother, Coileán, who’d inherited their mother’s throne. Relatively safe and appreciated for the first time in his life, Aiden began to embrace his position as a high lord of Faerie, albeit a hopelessly untalented one.

But nothing good lasts forever.

With the arrival of a mysterious stranger in a dream, Aiden’s new life falls apart. Oberon, the old king who long ago led his court into exile, has returned to Faerie with an army. Coileán has been incapacitated, and if Aiden wants to live, his only choice is to flee. Though stranded in the mortal realm with Joey Bolin, his all-too-mundane friend, and Georgie, a young and very hungry dragon, Aiden is determined to rescue his brother, no matter the cost. But as he soon discovers, Oberon isn’t working alone, and the fate of the courts hangs in the balance.

For Aiden, saving Coileán could mean facing Oberon. But whoever heard of an insignificant witch-blood taking on a faerie king?

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Blood Magic

Cover, Blood Magic

Ruling Faerie is hard. Sharing Faerie is harder…

One year after killing his rival king, Oberon, Coileán wakes from his long sleep to find that matters aren’t quite as he left them in Faerie. His teenage brother, Aiden, has kept his throne warm, but Aiden’s brief reign hasn’t been without consequence. After months of searching, Aiden has yet to locate Oberon’s heir, the one faerie powerful enough to control his unruly court—a faerie, it so happens, who wants nothing to do with the mess Oberon left behind.

Then there’s the matter of Aiden’s wizard sister, Helen Carver, the heir apparent to the Arcanum, who’s about to marry Joey Bolin. For some of the Council magi, it’s abhorrent that their future leader is tying herself to a mundane, but it’s almost treasonous that her groom still lives in Coileán’s backyard.

Making matters worse, Coileán receives tidings from the Dark Company, the mortal realm’s mercenary spymasters. His daughter, Moyna, who carries a murderous grudge, now leads the remnants of Mab’s shattered court, and she has new friends who will stop at nothing to reshape the magical world.

War is brewing both within Faerie and beyond its borders, and keeping the peace will take new alliances and teamwork. But even that might not be enough to stop the enemy in the shadows.

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